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Title Logo Design

Wonka 2023 is an adventure-comedy film whose story will focus on a young Willy Wonka, and how he met the Oompa-Loompas on one of his earliest adventures.

The two previous movies influenced the title design; leaning heavily  into a 3D approach with a Steampunk or Victorian era aesthetic.

The office scene is inspired by the 1920s. Brown, tan and vibrant red mixed with gold, were used to capture the fun,  enterprising persona of a young Willy Wonka. The wooden briefcase is one of his more iconic assets in the film.



Development Notes


To help build the logo and scene, we referenced Victorian era dress code, and Steampunk luggage.


In early storyboard drafts, we tested a continuous zoom camera movement, exploring a fantasy space that leads to Wonka's briefcase at the end.

Beautiful typography with character, was also an important concern for the final look.


This idea was modified and adapted to a quick zoom tour of Willy Wonka's office, with the briefcase and title reveal at the end.



1st Pass

The first exploration into a Victorian office space. Various critiques and feedback established that there were unnecessary items dating way ahead than Wonka's time period.

3rd Pass

A new angle explores more of the room while still keeping a focus on the briefcase. The briefcase model has been updated. Suggestions were made to soften the corners and place items on the inside, instead of a floating logo.

2nd Pass

The stairs and couch have been deleted. The focus is shifted to the table area. A secondary shot of the bulletin board is also explored. Lighting needed improvement, as well as modelling of the briefcase.

4th Pass

Textures updated, and a new camera angle is explored. Client expressed a preference for the previous camera move. Requested to explore multiple aspect shots that culminate in the reveal of what's inside the briefcase.

5th Pass

Feedback applied: multiple aspect shots and additional textures. Some textures, camera moves, and the animation can be still be improved in future revisions.


Final product above was unfinished. Some of the challenges included: learning to work in a team and harmonize our different styles/vision, and also navigating 3D software we were both unfamiliar with. Plans to update this project are already ongoing, stay tuned for updates.

Wonka's Briefcase


Briefcase + Contents Modelling & Texturing: Vince Too

Bulletin Board, Hat and Coat stand, Desk with lamp, books,

globe, gavel, etc Modelling & Texturing: - Brandon-Iszaiah

Animation: Brandon-Iszaiah + Vince Too

Music - Brandon-IszaiahKelly Warner

Special thanks: Christian Huthmacher

(3D Technical help and Troubleshooting)

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